"So, it's like a Time/Life series on punk?" - Drew Ailes, vocalist for Brain Tumors

Nope, Not Music

"Punk Rock Is Not Music" is a set of podcasts highlighting most aspects of the punk rock spectrum (as if that were possible). Each tries to strike a careful balance between male and female voices with a good dose of local (Minnesota) punks. The "Not Music" series eventually branched off into an upcoming "Not Punk" series that covers other genres.

Why am I doing this? To educate one young girl. These CDs were originally created for 12 year-old Regina Zebinski who, upon being told that I photographed punk rock shows, responded - stink-eyed and cross-armed - “You know, I don’t even think that’s music!”

Aware that Regina is home-schooled and somewhat sheltered out in rural Isanti, Minnesota, I gained permission from her parents to enlighten her, and to that end this series developed. To be clear, I knew I wasn’t going to make a fan out of her. No one’s ever been argued into liking any music, and the notion of little saintly Regina going punk on us is absurd. I guess I don’t care if she likes it, as long as she gets it. I'm her Music Appriciation teacher.

With each of these, her instructions are to listen:

a. in headphones
b. in the dark
c. without interruption
d. without skipping a track

Please do likewise for maximum enjoyment.

The "Not Music" series thus far:
01 Punk Rock Is Not Music
02 Punk Rock Is Still Not Music
03 Punk Rock Cannot Be Music